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Black History Month, There are Those who Celebrate History and There are Those Who Make It

Meet Trent Griffin-Braaf, CEO & Founder Tech Valley Shuttle; GB Logistics

Trent Griffin-Braaf, the CEO and Founder of Tech Valley Shuttle and GB Logistics, is deeply engaged in his community, particularly in the Greater Capital Region. His collaboration with Berkshire on multiple projects earned him recognition as a 2023 Game Changer, an honor given to those who make a significant and lasting impact, particularly in transforming the lives of youth in care.

At the helm of Tech Valley Shuttle, the largest community-based transportation service in the nation, Trent has prioritized creating opportunities and serving as a valuable resource for others since its establishment in 2016. With the support of his team, he has evolved the business from a transportation service focused on hotels to a fully adaptable enterprise with a specific emphasis on workforce transportation.

As a formerly incarcerated person, Trent’s passion and purpose take him well beyond his work at Tech Valley Shuttle. He is deeply involved in re-entry efforts, regularly visiting the New York State Department of Corrections and Community to assist individuals returning from incarceration. In 2023, Trent launched "The Roadmap to Success," a program designed to help formerly incarcerated individuals develop job skills, learn about business leadership, and find employment opportunities. One of our goals in 2024 is to bring an adapted version of this program to Berkshire youth.

Alongside another 2023 Berkshire Game Changer, Daquetta Jones, Trent played a pivotal role in establishing and executing a Youth Speaker Series aimed at guiding youth at Berkshire’s juvenile detention center toward positive life changes. Sharing his personal journey from ex-felon to CEO, he inspires others with the steps he took to reach his current position.

While Trent's work with Berkshire initially focused on youth at the juvenile detention center, he expresses a heartfelt commitment to continuing to support youth across all of Berkshire’s programs. Trent says,

“Every person I've connected with at Berkshire is truly dedicated to serving our communities and uplifting youth and families. I'm genuinely impressed by the range of services Berkshire provides, which is why I'm eager to support initiatives beyond just those at the juvenile detention center.”

He recognizes the importance of providing relatable role models with diverse backgrounds to foster empathy and understanding – and for that, we thank him!

When reflecting on his contribution to Black History Month, Trent confidently says, "I do believe I am black history." He takes pride in his endeavors and their enduring impact, committing himself to setting higher standards and offering support to others, underscoring his pride not only in his work but also in his role within black history.


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