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MEET JAMAR- 2019 Mott Family Scholarship Recipient

Since 2010, The Mott Family Scholarship has awarded over $268,000 in scholarships to alumni and youth in Berkshire's care. Mr. Charles H. Mott, who has remained a dedicated and committed member of Berkshire’s Board of Directors for over 50 years, started the Mott Family Scholarship. Mr. Mott is a strong supporter of continued education and life-long learning beyond high school.

This year, Jamar, one of the recipients of the Mott Family Scholarship, graduated Berkshire's Warren Street Academy Bridge Program.

"Receiving this scholarship means that I have been recognized by my school and the program for my hard work and for staying focused," said Jamar. "It means I made the right choice and chose the right path by staying in school."

Before coming to the Warren Street Academy, life for Jamar was hectic. In the beginning of his high school career, Jamar moved three times and he was not academically focused.

"The Bridge Program changed my life," said Jamar. "It made me realize what I could do, and more importantly, that I wanted to do it."

With the summer in full swing, Jamar already has his sights set on the fall when he will be attending Schenectady Community College to study music thanks to the help of The Mott Family Scholarship.

 "I like hip-hop, but I love the art of music," said Jamar. "That is what I am passionate about."

Jamar plans on mastering the piano and will continue to stay on this path that Berkshire helped him to create. When asked if he had any advice for other youth like himself, he simply said:

"Find yourself, and the Universe will find you."


- We agree Jamar, and those sound like some good songs lyrics if you ask us. 

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