Our Mission:

to strengthen children & families so they can live safely, independently & productively within their home communities

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Pathways serves youth and families with the goal of preventing child abuse/neglect and  recidivism back into foster care. The program also  services youth who have either been adjudicated a Person In Need of Supervision (PINS) or Juvenile Delinquent, or are non-adjudicated youth who have been determined to be at "imminent risk" of being placed outside their home.


of families avoided the need for out-of-home placement in 2018

Home Run 

Home Run is a school-based prevention program designed to avert out-of-home placements of at-risk children due to school related issues and difficulties with family functioning.


of parents  showed increased

involvement in their child’s school

Family Connections 

Family Connections is a  short-term, intensive, home and community-based family preservation program designed to avert out-of-home placements of children at imminent risk due to juvenile delinquency, status offenses, child abuse or child neglect.


of families avoided further involvement with CPS

Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones is an alternative-to-detention program, offering intensive crisis intervention, with the goal of reducing the county’s need to place youth in detention. There is a Raise the Age variation of this program which targets the needs of older adolescent populations.


f youth involved in the program avoided placement in 2018

Functional Family Therapy

Evidence-based, FFT is a strength and systematic family focused model, working with at-risk adolescents and their families.  This is a comprehensive method of treating individuals with severe clinical needs


of youth avoided placement

in 2018


Turnabout is a jr/sr. high school-based truancy prevention program designed to avert out of home placements of children at-risk due to poor school attendance.


of youth showed an increase in  school attendance