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        Maya, Krystal, and Leo came to Berkshire because their family was in crisis. Steve, a single father, was struggling with his substance abuse and in need of treatment. While he was receiving the treatment he desperately needed, his 3 children needed a safe, temporary place to call home – this is where Beth came in.


Beth is a certified foster parent with an open heart and an open home. Maya, Krystal and Leo stayed with Beth while their dad was receiving help. From the beginning, Beth and Steve shared the common goal of working towards reunification for him and his 3 children. In addition to his own treatment for substance abuse, Steve received support from Berkshire’s Family Specialist, Sarah, who spoke with him weekly, even after hours to build trust and a plan to stay on track with visitations.


While Sarah and Steve continued to build their relationship, Beth also played a strong, supportive role for him and his children. She ensured the children spoke with their father every week by phone and provided transportation to the Berkshire office each week so they could spend time with their dad. Beth also created a photo album for Steve, highlighting holidays and special events.


“Working towards family reunification is always the primary goal of foster care,” said Sarah. "We met Steve and his children during a time of family crisis. Knowing the struggles and challenges Steve had to overcome, it was wonderful to see him and foster mom, Beth, work as a team to achieve the best outcome for Maya, Krystal, and Leo.”


Eventually, Steve successfully completed treatment and moved into a new home that provided adequate space for his three children. When Sarah told Steve that his children would be returning to him, he had tears in his eyes as he thanked her. Soon after, Maya, Krystal, and Leo were surprised with a ‘welcome home’ party by their dad, foster mom, Beth, and their Family Specialist, Sarah.


"We are all so very happy with our new lives,” said Steve. “The process and system works for those who are willing to make a change. I can’t thank Beth and Sarah enough for sticking by me and my family.”

"I am very proud of this family and I believe they truly are the embodiment of what we do here - reunify families. "


-Sarah Stamberg, Family Specialist

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