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Nominations are now open for the 2020 Berkshire Employee Excellence (BEE) Awards. 

While all Berkshire employees warrant recognition and praise, these awards acknowledge those employees that embody the very spirit of EXCELLENCE for which Berkshire is known.​


If there is someone on your team or within the Agency that you believe exemplifies the highest level of professionalism and service, please nominate them. 

To nominate an employee, please complete the nomination form below and describe in detail why you believe the person is the best candidate for the award.

*Please note: The nominating staff and the staff being nominated must be an employee of Berkshire in good standing and can only be nominated for one award. You may nominate a different employee for each award.  

Nominations will be accepted through Wednesday, November 4th. 

Any nominations submitted after 5:00pm on November 4th will not be accepted. 


All awards will be announced throughout the week of December 14th.

The award categories for this year are:

Changing Lives, Creating Futures Award 

There will be one award recipient per program/department.

This employee consistently conducts themselves in a manner which exemplifies the mission, vision and values of Berkshire. The hallmark of this employee’s work is that is reflects the highest standards. This employee overcame significant obstacles to provide service which supported clients in recovering from traumatic circumstances. The spirit of altruistic service is a driving force in this employee’s life and is evident in their work.

Leadership Award

This employee demonstrates excellence in leadership. This individual exemplifies respect, empowers others, promotes team building and fosters creativity and innovation. Practicing emotional intelligence, social learning, open communication, social responsibility, growth & change, shared decision making and non-violence, this leader understands high functioning teams produce better results. Communicating clear vision, promoting positive morale, mobilizing high-performing teams to achieve outcomes and embracing an attitude of service to others are hallmarks of this employee’s work.

 Rising Star Award

This employee embraces Berkshire’s mission, vision and values. This employee has demonstrated a commitment to our culture. In a short time, this highly motivated individual has made a significant difference in their area, is a role model and made a positive impact on the team, clients and customers.

Most Valuable Player Award

There will be one award recipient per program/department.

Over the past year, this employee has demonstrated a willingness to go above and beyond. When faced with situations on the job which others may find daunting, this employee has risen to the occasion time and time again. Demonstrating emotional intelligence, they practice effective self-care in order to be ready for whatever challenges lie ahead. Showing support for team members is central to this employee’s professional persona, as well as a focus on internal and external customer service.

Resiliency Award

There will be one award recipient per program/department.

Resilience is the quality that allows us to face challenges, and to be knocked down, but to come back as strong, if not stronger, than before. Resiliency is not the lack of failure, but how we face failure, challenges and adversities to grow ourselves and strengthen our abilities. Over the past year, this employee has demonstrated they can adapt to new and ever changing situations, and move forward in the face of adversity; to emerge stronger than before. They are aware of difficult situations, have a high level of emotional intelligence, and know how to maintain control of a situations. They are able to come up with out of the box solutions to new and complicated problems.

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