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BRONX, NY -- Hard-headed, disrespectful and rebellious. These are the 3 words that 18 year old Britney used to describe herself before entering Berkshire’s Bronx Power Project. “I was very rebellious and disrespectful to my parents,” said Britney. “I didn’t care about what I did or how it would affect myself or others.”

The Bronx Power Project (BPP) is a substance abuse, education support program for youth ages 12-18. Britney was referred to the BPP after spending some time in the hospital for drug use. Jennifer Vasquez, Berkshire’s Prevention Family Specialist, and Farah Reyes, the programs peer mentor, have been with Britney from day one.

“Britney was very quiet, reserved and depressed when I met her,” said Reyes. “She had a hard time engaging in program sessions and even with me.” Individual and group sessions along with activities such as mediation and art help to provide guidance and an outlet for the youth in the BPP.

“There are a lot of things that are fun, and some not so fun, but they all help,” said Britney. Berkshire has helped me find my voice again. I have learned new ways to focus my energy away from drugs.”

Once rebellious and hard-headed, Britney now describes herself as open-minded and responsible. Britney has received honorable mention and will be graduating high school this year. She has been accepted into four colleges and has been drug free for 8 months.

“Without Berkshire, I would be lost, still using drugs, not going to college or caring about my future,” said Britney. “Because of the Bronx Power Project and the staff believing in me, my life is the exact opposite of that now, and I have a future I am looking forward to.”

Britney's Story

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