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Berkshire’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

We're on a journey...

This past year brought us a greater awareness of the structures that support inequities. These structures show up everywhere – including the child welfare field. We are acutely aware that once you see something, you cannot unsee it and once you know something, you cannot unknow it. So, the question arises – what are we going to do with what we now see and know with regards to inequities in our communities across New York State?



We are going to start by looking inward.

In September 2020, we hired the agency’s first Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). Her role is to create a roadmap for our agency to begin its journey – a journey towards a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable agency. While diversity is important, we acknowledge diversity is simply a mathematical equation and having a diverse workforce does not necessarily mean our workforce is inclusive.


Growing an inclusive organization where diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives are welcomed and valued at every level where decisions are made is crucial to our ability to accelerate meaningful change. We know diverse and inclusive organizations are better problem solving entities -- more solutions from greater perspectives will improve our ability to provide the tools, trainings and resources necessary in order to provide the highest quality of care for our children and families.


Our children and families need us. We are committed to understanding the social constraints and inequalities that are barriers for those we serve – this is crucial to our mission. Equally, examining the possible inequalities that exist within our own agency, preventing career growth opportunities for all of our employees, is just as important. We are committed to identify and eliminate internal barriers for entrance, growth, and upward mobility for those who work with us. We have a long history of growing leaders from within and want to ensure all employees have that opportunity.


Whether as employees, donors, board and committee members, community partners or clients, we want you to better understand who we are, who we serve, where we stand on important issues, and how you can join us in our mission of strengthening children and families to live safely, independently, and productively within their home communities.


We hope you will join us on our journey.

Our Mission:

to strengthen children & families so they can live safely, independently & productively within their home communities

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