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93% of youth in Berkshire Prevention Programs feel they get what they need to be successful


By redirecting their focus, Berkshire's Focus on the Future program not only assists youth and their families to become successful and independent in the present, but also in the future.


"I have seen this program redirect youth so

they are better prepared to communicate with peers, communicate with professionals and focus on their goals in a space that encourages growth and maturity," said Karazin Staley, Focus on the Future Family Specialist.


Focus on the Future serves youth 14+ and their families in Albany County who struggle academically, socially and emotionally in their current environment. The program supports youth who may be at risk of dropping out or those who demonstrate truant behavior and need help navigating to the next phase in life, whether it be employment or higher education.


"The most rewarding part is seeing families use the skills they have learned with Berkshire to obtain employment, improve academics, become encouraged to obtain higher education and receive award recognition in schools. That represents true growth," says Karazin.


Focus on the Future classes offer a nurturing environment and a positive outlet where youth can feel safe, be creative and learn responsibility while working on their individual goals.


"The Focus on the Future program has changed my perspective on a lot of things," says Syerr, a youth enrolled in the program. "It has shown me what steps I need to take to get to my dream, and now I'm really determined to stay on that path."


"If everyone could do it, i would tell all my friends to join."

Syerr, Age 16


"Focus on the future is teaching me how to be successful, for myself & my family."

Supreme, Age 15

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