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Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth was founded in 1886 with a focus of healing and strengthening children in a family setting. Today, our mission continues: to strengthen children and families so they can live safely, independently, and productively within their home communities.


In 2021, Berkshire Farm Center became the place where passion met purpose.


This pandemic has taught us many lessons, including the importance of supporting and caring for others in our communities during times of crisis. We witnessed the passion of individuals who donated their time and talents to help us create new initiatives for children, families who put aside their fears of this pandemic in order to help other families through foster care, and community partners who continuously said, ‘how can I help?’.


In a year where simply maintaining would have been considered success, we exceeded our goals and created new programming as well as expanded some of our existing programs across the state to reach even more children and families where they need us the most – in their homes and in their communities. Because of community partners like you, we served over 8,000 children and their families this past year and we want to introduce you to a few lives that you helped change for the better.

Many families across New York State are in crisis and need our help. When people are exposed to trauma during their childhood, they are more likely to experience negative physical health, mental health, and educational outcomes as an adult. They carry their trauma with them into adulthood and without intervention, can suffer from illness, early death, and poor quality of life. 

Recognizing the physical and mental health risks associated with unresolved trauma, Berkshire has answered this call to action by establishing a trauma-informed model of treatment and care. This model extends across our 100 programs and services throughout New York State, meeting families where they need us most; in their homes and communities. 

In 2022, whether you join our mission as a donor, volunteer, employee, sponsor or friend, you are helping us find new ways to strengthen children and families, support our communities and empower our purpose.

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Board of Directors

Board Vice Chairs

Yuliya Ilizarov
Gladys Valverde

Chair Emeritus
Robert A. Kandel

President & CEO

Brian Parchesky

Board Chair

Emily Miles


Alessandra Angarita
Richard Hannmann
Thomas Luzzi

Aiysha (AJ) Johnson

James Matison

Betty Newman

Jeff Oliver

Patricia Russell   

Eric Twombly

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