Each year in NYS, youth experience physical and emotional traumas within their families that go unresolved. This leads to their removal from the home. They need help working through their traumas while staying connected to their community and/or public school whenever possible.



Berkshire’s Group Homes 

Group Homes

Our three, statewide group homes provide trauma-informed care for the youth and families we serve with an average length of stay of four to six months. Youth receive support and mental health treatment which is seamlessly woven into the program through individual counseling, group counseling, therapeutic recreation and our motivational system. All of our youth attend the local public schools who have partnered with us to support their educational needs.


Treatment starts the moment youth enter the program and may continue on through after-care services in their home community. Families drive the treatment process from identifying their needs to developing a comprehensive treatment plan with their treatment team.


Our group homes utilize a motivational system in which youth are taught skills and positive social behaviors on a daily basis. A structured motivational system helps to provide boundaries within which youth can begin to heal and grow by learning new skills and strengthening skills our youth already have. Berkshire staff use teaching interactions to help youth reach their full self-defined potential. Community resources are identified and brought in to support all aspects of treatment including the discharge plan.