Detention Services

Canaan Non-Secure Detention

The Non-Secure Detention Program through Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth is built on excellence, quality services, and culturally competent treatment. Burnham Youth Safe Center on the Berkshire Residential Treatment Center campus strives to create a safe, therapeutic and caring environment where the highest quality of services is offered to allow youth and families an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential. As a teaching environment, staff members promote the use of pro-social skills through the use of skill/teaching, relationship building, role modeling, as well as corrective teaching.

While the youth are in detention the philosophy is to "plant as many seeds" of healthy living as possible for as long as the youth is in the program. The variety of intervention tools included are committed staff, pro-social skill development, various psycho-educational groups, effective use of leisure time through a variety of recreational opportunities, motivational system, accountability, role playing, social skills training, structuring and one-to-one conversations with youth.

Burnham Youth Safe Center is a 12-bed, male, non-secure detention facility located on the Canaan campus.


  • A comprehensive physical evaluation
  • Timely and efficient medical services
  • Psychiatric and/or Substance Abuse evaluations (per request, additional)
  • Educational Program
  • Recreational Services

Psycho-educational Groups

  • Daily Social Skills
  • Daily Community Groups
  • Anger Management
  • HIV Education
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Drug Information
  • Various adolescent-themed groups


Berkshire's Non-Secure Detention Program staff members have experience and training in working with youth from diverse backgrounds, including handling a variety of presenting problems. In particular, all program staff members are trained to assess the needs of youth, safety, strengths and engagement with youth.

Staff members focus on the child's positive attributes talents and strengths. Through the use of praise and acknowledgment, the staff members teach and reward appropriate behavior using the motivation system, giving the student the opportunity to earn additional privileges. Youth begin to learn the positive feelings associated with doing something in a socially acceptable manner. "Catching the youth doing something right" is central to our approach.

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