Twombly Leadership Academy (CSE)

Horticulture and Animal Husbandry

Berkshire’s successful Horticulture Program is a multi-faceted, vocational-based learning experience. Each student is given a chance to earn financial rewards, develop a strong work ethic, and enjoy experiential imagelearning at its finest. This "hands on" approach has worked with nearly all of our students. Students are also offered many opportunities to work on community-based projects.

The Program can offer several employment opportunities. Students can learn basic plant biology in the school setting, and the Horticulture Program enhances what each student is taught. Additional program components include plant propagation, retail sales, working with the public, and field trips to area growers.

We also offer a therapeutic educational program, maintain a large and varied group of animals, and offer Agricultural Sciences to our students. Students learn about animal husbandry, employment opportunities, responsibility, and basic care of different varieties of animals and fowl. Therapeutic benefits stem from students learning to care for and nurture living things. Many students have built tremendous bonds with the animals they care for daily.

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