Foster Care

Become a Foster Parent

Becoming a Foster Parent 

The decision to become a foster parent is a big one, no doubt. Berkshire’s foster care experts will be there with you ever step of the way, from filling out the applications to the arrival of foster children to the day they return to their families.

Becoming a foster parent takes time. We want to make sure that children in foster care are safe and well cared for, so the process is thorough and exacting.

Here are the basics:

  1. Take an Orientation Course from Berkshire: you’ll meet one-on-one with a Berkshire Home Finder to learn what’s involved in becoming a foster parent and how Berkshire supports you each step of the way.
  2. Foster parents share their love and their home.Complete a Foster Care Application: the application is extensive and detailed to ensure Berkshire protects the children in foster care. We’re here to help you fill it out and you can call us any time with a question.
  3. Complete a Foster Parent Training Course: this 10-module course prepares you to be a foster parent. Children in foster care often are traumatized. This course helps you understand that so you can help them heal.
  4. Finish Certification: from criminal background checks to home safety visits, Berkshire will be with you to help you navigate the road to becoming a foster parent.

Becoming a foster parent is free.  

Support for Foster Parents

When you work with Berkshire, you’re never alone. In addition to our initial training, we have an array of services to help you be successful. These include: 

  1.  24-hour guidance and crisis support
  2.  Specialized training for crisis intervention 
  3.  CPR and First Aid training 
  4.  Educational support 
  5.  Annual refresher courses 
  6.  Special Training for Kinship Caregivers 
  7.  Special, therapeutic support for children with mental, emotional, or behavioral needs 
  8.  Preparation for children’s return to their parents 
  9.  Adoption counseling
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