In New York State, over 25,000 children are in the foster care system due to reasons such as abuse/neglect, abandonment, and other issues endangering their health and safety. Families are struggling with unresolved traumas and need support to work towards reunification.



Berkshire’s Foster Care, Kinship, & Respite Programs

Berkshire currently has over 550 certified foster families across New York State. Our foster care team is currently working with approximately 553 children to help them reunify with their biological family as quickly as possible. Of those children who do not have families, our team works tirelessly to identify “Forever Families” for children freed for adoption. In the past year alone, we found Forever Families for 47 children. 

Kinship Care

Kinship parents are those who have a direct connection to the child who needs to be temporarily removed from their home. Kinship is an alternative to foster care. A Kinship parent can be a relative, family friend or neighbor, or someone the child knows such as their little league coach or teacher. Kinship parenting is a great way to support children from your community.

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Respite Care

For those interested in becoming a foster parent but cannot commit to parenting full-time, we offer respite parenting. A respite parent offers respite for a child whose foster family or biological family is in need of a break. Respites are a resource for families and a commitment to care for a child may last one day, one weekend, or up to a few weeks.

Mom and a Child

Interested in becoming a kinship or foster parent?

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