Each year in NYS, youth experience physical and emotional traumas within their families that go unresolved. This leads to their removal from the home. They need help working through their traumas while staying connected to their community and/or public school whenever possible.



Berkshire’s Group Homes & Detention Centers


Berkshire currently operates one Non-Secure Detention facilities; Burnham Youth Safe Center in Canaan, NY. 


Berkshire's Non-Secure Detention programming has a total capacity of 12 beds and can support the needs of both male and female youth. 


The most important objective of Berkshire’s NSD program is to provide a safe environment for youth which is composed of positive learning experiences, skill building, groups and positive role modeling, to minimize negative behavior.


Berkshire has operated the Capital District Juvenile Secure Detention Facility in Albany, NY since its inception in 1998. 

The facility is a 24 bed co-ed facility and can provide services to Juvenile Delinquents (JD) and Juvenile Offenders (JO).  The Facility is also certified to provide Specialized Secure Detention services for youth impacted by the Raise the Age legislation, including both male and female Adolescent Offenders. 

The goal of Berkshire Secure Detention programming is to provide a safe and healthy environment for juveniles who are in need of a secure environment, by virtue of their behaviors and circumstances.  The programming provides a firm, fair, controlled and structured environment based on simple expectations of mutual respect and dignity.  Focus is placed on each individual resident’s immediate need for self-control, anxiety management, and pro-social behaviors with peers and systems.