Twombly Leadership Academy (CSE)


Twombly Leadership Academy (CSE)
Berkshire’s Twombly Leadership Academy provides students with specialized educational services, workforce development, and therapeutic recreational activities in a safe and nurturing environment.

Created in 2009, Twombly Leadership Academy is located on the beautiful 2,000 acre campus of Berkshire Farm Center in Canaan, New York.  A partnership between the only statewide child welfare agency in New York State and a top ranked public Special Act School District, Twombly Leadership Academy was formed to provide a holistic academic and therapeutic environment to meet the diverse needs of special education students.

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If you have any questions or would like to make a referral,
please contact the Admissions Office at:

Phone: 518-781-1820       Fax: 518-781-0507

At Twombly Leadership Academy:

At Twombly Leadership Academy, we believe in a professional learning community (PLC) that has a strong focus on learning, collaboration, and results.

Provide an 8:1:2 setting with highly qualified, dual-certified teachers, as well as two Behavior Aides in each classroom, allowing opportunities for additional 1:1 support.

Allows students the opportunity to make up missed credits and/or accelerate new credits.  Students who are highly motivated can earn on average two additional credits per school year, through our online learning system.

Offered in English and Math, these labs provide additional support for students to achieve higher levels of success in their core classes.

Located in every classroom, these labs provide students with 21st century technology skills to better prepare them in their future careers.

Available to all students, tutoring is provided in every subject area.  Students who are excelling in specific classes have the opportunity to earn money by becoming peer tutors.

Homework is individualized to each student's needs in order to ensure success in all subject areas.


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