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Wednesday, Feb 4, 2015

Retailers begin to carry Berkshire's pure maple syrup

Healthy Living Market & Café in Saratoga Springs, NY is the latest in a growing list of stores selling Berkshire maple syrup, produced by students at Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School, through a partnership with Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth. “As a family-owned business, Healthy Living Market and Cafe's buyers are always looking for local products of top quality, like Berkshire’s Maple Syrup, to put on our shelves,” says Katy Lesser, Co-owner of Healthy Living Market and Café. “Buying local products helps the local economy tremendously, and these students make a wonderful product.”


Pictured above, left to right: Spencer Thomas,
buyer at Healthy Living Market and Café,
and students Jah-Quay, Brian, and Jarius

Maple syrup production, one of Berkshire's vibrant Workforce Development Program enterprises, is growing as stores in New York State become interested in the pure maple syrup produced by students and staff in the program. Retailers appreciate the value of top-quality syrup that can play such a transformational role in students’ lives.

“I’ve been learning different skills since I started working for the Maple Syrup program,” says Jarius, a student at Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School. “The Workforce program has helped me by keeping me busy and out of trouble. I look forward to doing something interesting every day; we all have fun, and I also like making my own money!”

Jah-Quay, another student in the program, also spoke about his experience: “Working with the Maple Syrup program means a lot to me because it helps me stay away from negativity and make things people like.” He mentioned that he’s developed great relationships with his supervisors and added, “I love working outdoors and learning new things like tapping maple trees and bottling and labeling the syrup.”

Store owner Katy Lesser told us she is greatly impressed that Berkshire's Workforce Development Program is highly effective in motivating students to graduate from high school and preparing them for careers as well as college. “We applaud your efforts and your great maple syrup,” said Lesser.

According to Joe Lawrence, Director of Workforce Development, Berkshire’s state-of-the-art evaporator, highly skilled staff, and enthusiastic students create a program that is ready to supply retailers throughout the Hudson Valley. “Our delicious syrup promises to satisfy thousands of pancake lovers. We’re delighted Healthy Living Market and Café features our syrup on their shelves,” he said.

Anyone interested in selling Berkshire’s maple syrup either as part of a business or as a fundraiser should contact Joe Lawrence at (518) 281-5270 or send an email.

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