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Thursday, Jun 7, 2012

Keeping children in need together as a family . . .

How do you keep six children together as a family? You adopt them!

Camille Williams took a very big step last December – she adopted six children through Berkshire Farm Center's Foster/Adoptive Care! By doing so, she reunified two separate sets of siblings who had been placed in separate foster homes. In that one loving and bold move, she brought all six children into her family, and began a brand new, lifelong adventure.

As you might expect, Camille is a very busy mom these days. Many of the children she adopted have high needs and Camille attends counseling appointments, school meetings, and treatment team meetings to advocate in the best interest of her children. She also seeks out activities to build on the children’s strengths, such as gymnastics, ballet, church activities, choir, piano lessons, and swimming.

Camille’s strengths include patience, kindness, and a very caring personality, all of which are a must for a mother of six. She is very structured and organized . . . a must with six children in the home. She dresses the entire family in a color of the day and many of the children have matching outfits. The kids say they enjoy this tradition and it makes them feel more like a family. Camille decorated their bedrooms with each child’s favorite character so they have their own space to suit their personalities. She has also formed a trusting, healthy relationship with the birth families and invites them to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and other special occasions, when appropriate. Camille loves to travel and takes the children with her to provide them with new experiences – last spring she took all of the children to Disney World in Florida, and she is now planning a cruise for the entire family.

"Camille’s dedication and love for children has changed many lives . . . she is a good example of the qualities Berkshire looks for in our foster parents," said program coordinator Kimberly Fort.

Happily, since being adopted and finding a permanent home, the children’s behaviors have stabilized and they are thriving in their school and community. There is an old saying: "Children are great imitators, so give them someone great to imitate." It looks like the Williams children have just that.

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