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Friday, Dec 28, 2012

Donated dictionaries support 'Writing to Inform' initiative

Berkshire High School at Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth has received 110 combination dictionaries/thesauruses from the Elks Lodge in Kinderhook.

“These dictionaries couldn’t have come at a better time,” said Berkshire Union Free School District Superintendent Bruce Potter. “We continually seek better ways to teach our students every subject, and we as we launch our ‘Writing to Inform’ strategy, they will help our students greatly.”

imageMr. Potter explained that many learning experiences for students involve informative writing activities.  “Our students need many opportunities to read a variety of printed materials for information. As they read, they learn about how the material is structured and formatted. Then, as they write they can apply this knowledge to help them organize and convey information clearly to others,” Mr. Potter added.

Evidence shows that this strategy brings high poverty and minority students, often underserved, up to the same level as other students. All teachers and students in the school have the same expectations and the same support in every classroom.

“We are placing these new dictionary/thesauruses in every classroom, so all of our students can use them throughout the school day,” Potter said.

In the photo above, left to right: Seated – students Justin M., Tariq. J, Saddiq W. Standing – Bruce Potter, BUFSD School Superintendent., Jerry Shook, PDD of Elks Lodge 2530, Deb Minners, who initiated the donation request, is an employee at Berkshire Farm and a member of the Elks Lodge in Hudson.

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