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Wednesday, Jun 4, 2014

Council launched to expand Workforce Development Program

Workforce Development Program logoBerkshire’s innovative Workforce Development Program, initiated on its Canaan campus in 2011, has proven so successful in raising graduation rates and shaping independent, productive lives that the child welfare agency is ready to expand its programming, offering experiential workforce learning to every student on campus and across New York State.

On May 17, Berkshire invited business community members to help achieve this goal as members of the newly- created Workforce Development Council. These corporate representatives will be the agency’s partner in enlarging the scope and geography of the Workforce Development Program.

Members of the Council have agreed to design training programs, help raise funds, engage colleagues, assist in providing job placement opportunities, and create volunteer initiatives to support Berkshire’s youths.

“Our Workforce Development Program is off to a strong start here on campus,” said Timothy Giacchetta, Berkshire’s Chief Executive Officer and President of the Berkshire Union Free School District Board of Education. “However, to live up to its promise we plan to expand it across New York State, with strong help from the corporate community.”

“We have heard repeatedly how much New York State’s employers need workers who are equipped with employable skills. Our new Workforce Council members know what they need when they employ new graduates and have told us how impressed they are by the pilot programs we have begun on our Canaan campus. We are thrilled to have their contributions of wisdom, resources and time to take workforce preparation to the next level and across this great state.”

Giacchetta said every youth needs the experience of paid work, and Berkshire needs the means to compensate every student who has completed Berkshire’s World of Work (WOW) four-week course and is prepared for a campus job. He adds, “Students graduating from Berkshire Jr./Sr. High School need work after they leave our campus and we are exploring ways to enhance our job placement capacity.” Our new partners are perfectly positioned to give us vital assistance.

Beyond Berkshire High School students, he went on to explain, Berkshire serves approximately 3,000 youth across every county of New York State. “It is vital that Berkshire expand Workforce Development to all its youth, not just to students on campus,” said Giacchetta.

“Private support is essential,” he added. “Innovative, new programming is outside the scope of public support and we can’t offer this great programming to our students without generous donors” Giacchetta explained.

Workforce Development Council meeting

The Workforce Development Council inaugural meeting on May 17 included a visit to Berkshire’s annual Garden Sale, a major component of the Workforce Development Program and meetings with the program’s student participants. The photo above shows the Council, along with Berkshire board members, staff, and students. Joining the Workforce Development Council were Justin Riccio, of Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (3rd from right, back row in photo); Michael Benson, of BCI Construction (4th from right, back); and Andrew Prescott, of Pizza Hut (3rd from right, front row).

“I welcome Mr. Riccio, Mr. Benson, and Mr. Prescott to the Council and am grateful for the interest and support we are already receiving from the business community. We all look forward to working together to help ensure that more youth across New York State can live independently and productively,” said Giacchetta.

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