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Friday, Oct 16, 2015

Community partners provide gifts for children in care

The foster care program at Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth helps connect loving families with the children who need them most. Over the past six months, local community partners have shared generous gifts with children in Berkshire’s foster care program entering a new school year and foster care. Berkshire is incredibly thankful to have such generous friends in its community neighbors.

imageRepresentative Nadine and her team at Thirty-One gifts worked to put together lunch bags stuffed with items for youth who enter foster care during the new school year. Each child will receive a lunch bag, blanket, stickers, crayons and other fun items to help create an easier transition to foster care at the beginning of a new school year.

This past summer, Rivkin and Radler-Attorneys at Law  also donated gifts to Berkshire’s Long Island office for children just entering foster care. These "sweet cases” include a decorated duffle bag, teddy bear, coloring book and a dental hygiene kit with floss, tooth paste and a toothbrush. image

Prudential Financial Services Donation donated 35 book bags for children of different ages. These back-to-school bags were all filled with school supplies, including pens, paper, binders, folders, flash drives and scientific calculators. There was such a variety of bags that Berkshire was able to provide each child with a book bag that was suited to both their needs and personal style.

September can be a difficult time for children adjusting to going back to school, and sometimes even moving to a new school. This transition is made even more difficult for children just coming into foster care who suddenly need to adapt to a new home and foster family. Gifts from community partners like these bring joy to children who might be having a hard time adjusting to the change happening in their lives.

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