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Wednesday, Dec 4, 2013

Boys find Forever Family

When Linda Winchester decided to retire, she found herself with an empty nest. “I was scared and nervous,” said Linda, who had been used to kids in her home. “I didn’t know where to turn, but a good friend of ours, who works at Berkshire Farm Center, suggested we consider foster care.”

Linda and her husband Thomas decided to give it a try, with some help from Berkshire Foster Care staff. Just one year later, Linda says, “My life is the best it has ever been!”

The Winchesters wanted to work with teenage boys. “It was the best decision we could have made,” says Linda. “We’ve had four boys placed with us throughout the year, as well as several youth during their families’ respite breaks.”

There were times, she admits, when she wondered what she had gotten herself into. “But a simple call to Berkshire brought everything back on track,” she explained. “They offer so much teamwork and guide us through problems and questions . . . they always have solutions.”image

In October 2012, two teenage brothers came to live with the Winchesters. “My husband and I fell in love with them instantly. They adjusted so well to our home and when we found out they were being freed for adoption we knew we didn’t want to lose them.”

Linda and Thomas agreed to make the boys, Benjamin (left in photo) and Nicholas (right in photo), then ages 16 and 15, a part of their “Forever Family.” And that’s just what they became!

“I don't know how they pulled it off, but on July 10th (2013), the Berkshire team had all of the paperwork submitted and even handled a few unforeseen obstacles along the way,” said Linda. “Now the boys are ours! They are so happy and we are forever grateful to Berkshire Foster Care for all of the hard work they did for us.”

The Winchesters have decided to continue working with other teenage boys as well. “I feel so good about life, and I love waking up every morning knowing we made a difference with the help of the Berkshire staff,” said Linda. “Fostering teenage boys is actually a joy! I hope more people consider making their life more fulfilled, like we have. I have found my calling and it all started with a good friend making a suggestion and recommending that we work with Berkshire Foster Care.”

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Foster Parent or adopting a child who needs a "Forever Family", please visit our Foster Care page here.

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