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Wednesday, Dec 2, 2015

Berkshire thanks Old Dutch Church for providing office space for foster care in Ulster County

imageBerkshire is thankful for the office space that the Old Dutch Church in Kingston, NY continues to provide for Berkshire’s foster care program in Ulster County.

An LGBTQ Coalition meeting three years ago at which a few Berkshire staff members were present was the reason for the two organizations coming together. It was mentioned that Berkshire was planning to expand into Ulster County, and one church member immediately offered a space within the church where Berkshire could set up a foster care office.

For three years, the Old Dutch Church, known for sanctuary, care, and advocacy, has outfitted Berkshire with office space complete with bookcases, desks, cabinets, and air conditioners for the hot summer months.

The relationship between Berkshire and the Old Dutch Church exists as a strong and inspiring bond for everyone involved in both organizations. Berkshire is incredibly grateful for the friendship, partnership, and selflessness shown by the Old Dutch Church, and is excited to continue serving the children and families of Ulster County.

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