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Friday, May 15, 2015

Berkshire Celebrates Foster Care During May

Life tosses everyone around from time to time, and sometimes, through no fault of their own, kids end up separated from their families. Foster parents provide hope, stability and a connection to a loving adult when a child is most at risk.

imageEach May, during National Foster Care Awareness Month, America celebrates these unsung heroes who make sure kids have hot meals, a place to do their homework, a toothbrush, and a warm, safe place to sleep. If you are a foster parent or support foster parents, take a bow for the good you are doing. Our hats are off to you for making sure a child has a refuge during a storm. If you are not a foster parent, think about how you can support the foster care program. Consider becoming a foster parent — it’s easier than you think and more rewarding than you can imagine.

Not everyone is cut out for fostering children, but there are still ways you can help:

  • Make a Donation: Every gift gift is too small. You can give using our secure online donation system ( and select “Donate”) or send a check to us at the address to the right. Every gift we receive shows support for what we’re doing, encourages others to give, and helps us qualify for grants.

If you send a check, please make it payable to "Berkshire Farm Center" and mail to:
Berkshire Farm Center and Services for Youth
Development Office
13640 State Rt. 22
Canaan, NY 12029

  • Make a Sacrifice: Foster parents make sacrifices every day to help children. Show your solidarity by making your own small sacrifice. For example: Give up something like your daily trip to a coffee shop or your weekly night at the movies. Instead, put aside what you would have spent on that double-shot latte or seeing Mall Cop 10 and at the end of the month, donate your savings to our foster care appeal.
  • Challenge Your Friends/Family on Social Media: A Facebook challenge is a great way to show your
    commitment and to encourage others to give. Here’s how you could make it work:
    • Make an online donation, then “share” your donation on Facebook and give your friends an incentive to do the same. You might tell them: “For every person who donates $25, I will volunteer an hour of my time to my community.” Create a dollar value and give-back activity that works for you and is fun!
    • Offer a motivational challenge such as: “If you make a gift and help me raise $500 for Berkshire’s foster care appeal, I’ll dye my hair purple.” (By the way, we’re starting a new initiative called “Going Purple for Berkshire.”) Be sure to make your challenge fun and creative!
    • Host a Party: Planning a birthday party or Memorial Day cookout? Ask guests to make a gift of $10 instead of bringing food or gifts. Choose a monetary value that is most comfortable for you.

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