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Friday, Jan 23, 2015

Adopting an Angel

In hundreds of homes throughout New York State this holiday season, children who might have faced a bleak holiday found reasons to smile, thanks to more than 170 individuals and companies who were “angels” sponsoring gifts for children– and, in some cases, entire families. image

With Berkshire’s new Adopt an Angel Program, Angels take a peek at a child’s wish list and buy gifts on behalf of parents. Several business owners and individuals adopted 25 entire families that are in the care of our Prevention Program and 343 children in our Foster Care Program. More than 100 Berkshire employees and about 60 other individuals throughout the state were Angels also.

The program is structured to supply parents with gifts that they may wrap for their children. Some of the children who received “Angel” gifts would have had nothing at all otherwise. Thus each gift has even deeper value, helping parents create the holidays of their as well as their children’s dreams.

“This wonderful initiative is just one way we strengthen families and it depends on the generosity of its volunteers, donors, and participants,” said Timothy Giacchetta, Berkshire’s President and CEO. “These generous folks did not let us down. We hope Adopt-an-Angel will become a tradition, and it’s already proving to be a tremendous success.”

If you would like to “Adopt an Angel,” like Logan (pictured) during the 2015 holiday season, simply send us an email using the following link: “Adopt an Angel” and tell us your name and email address. We’ll send you information about how you can brighten the holidays for a child – or even an entire family.

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