Berkshire Farm Center & Services for Youth is one of New York State’s leading nonprofit child welfare agencies, serving 8,500 children and their family members across New York State in 2014 alone.

Our employees, who work in settings that often challenge the heart and the mind, know that what they do matters. They understand that their work directly contributes to the success of the agency and to the many achievements made by the thousands of young lives we serve. With support from caring individuals and forward looking businesses, we empower children, their families, and their communities to become healthier and stronger.

Berkshire has a distinguished history of working with children and families for more than 129 years. Helping children and families become healthier and stronger has been at the heart of Berkshire’s mission since its founding in 1886.

Our Mission:
"to strengthen children and families so they can live safely,
independently, and productively within their home communities."

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